Friday Randomness

by Christine on September 10th, 2010

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  • Thank you to Debi from Hawaii Bound Bandster for the “Happy 101” Blog award! I appreciate it, and I’ll link you up on my left-side navigation on my blog! Thank you!
  • My weight is still solidly at 135/136. I’m not surprised that it hasn’t budged because it’s been two weeks now since I’ve worked out, BAD ME!  I was sick last week, but this week I’ve had no excuse for my laziness. Plus, as Allan pointed out, perhaps my tuna fish casserole wasn’t the most optimally healthy option this week, even with my recipe modifications. Good point, and thank you sincerely for the honest feedback. My eating certainly hasn’t been all bad: I have been eating a ton of apples, which is way more fruit than I normally consume.  Dinner yesterday was baked white fish with “greens and beans,” which was delicious! (As I am not Italian, I have never heard of “greens and beans” before in my life. I made the recipe up entirely on my own, and afterwards Peter informed me that I had just recreated a typical “greens and beans” recipe. Go figure! All on my own! FYI, my version of greens and beans involved a large handful of chopped spinach sauteed in a smidgen of EVOO, with some oregano, salt, and garlic. Then I mixed in rinsed white kidney beans. Served cold. Or hot. Whichever.)
  • I decorated my living room with fall decorations this week! It makes me very happy! I want to go to the craft store today to pick up a few more decorations and supplies to make some home-made goodies.  I’ve been feeling inspired by this blog (she’s SO TALENTED!), and I’m hoping to steal a few ideas this week for fun home improvements! Only a few more hours until work is done and I can go get some supplies and get started!
  • Does anyone have any healthy low-calorie recipes using apples? Like apple sauce, apple strudel, apple desert, apple salad, etc?
  • I am completely fixated on mouldings. I had lunch at the Illium Cafe today and the original woodwork and tin ceilings (in such great condition) is enough to give any architect a wet dream. I’m daydreaming of all the things I want to do to fix up my house, but with ZERO money to my name, the best I’ll be able to do is paint a wall with a $20 gallon of paint. SIGH. But, hey, I’ve always got my daydreams, right? I guess the nasty blue carpeting in the living room needs to stay for a while longer. DOUBLE SIGH.
  • Speaking of lunch, I had a mozzarella and tomato salad for lunch. It was incredibly bland, so I only ate about half of it. Blah. Before you go getting all up in arms about eating cheese, I firmly believe that healthy fats (nuts, cheese, oil, etc) in moderation has been a huge contributor to my weight loss, as I described in this post.  Still, there’s no point in continuing to eat your food if it’s tasteless and blah. Put the fork down and wait until later when you can eat something with a little more flavor.

It looked like it had potential, but it was bland and tasteless. Too bad. Cost me $9, too.

Lunch yesterday, a little canned corn. Sounded good at the time!  Funny how it comes out of my body looking exactly like it did going into my body.

Snacks yesterday.

This building is right outside of my window at work, and I only noticed TODAY that there are the most awesome lions on the roof! I love them!!  (Again, look at that detail work on the building! Those molded archways are just awesome. They just don’t make building with such attention to detail anymore.)

Did you know that Uncle Sam, one of the emblems of America, was actually modeled off a real person named Samuel Wilson? True true.

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  • Allanmklein

    Apples, see tuna casserole for recipe hints.. How about… Apples… Yumm…

  • Lesia

    love love love Kosy rice shack puddings.

  • Cathy

    Give me cheese or give me death!

  • Cathy

    I got to look up my recipe for pork tenderloin with apples, ton of garlic and yogurt. Will post tomorrow.

  • Debbie Lowe

    Wow I love the building and those lions are amazing. I am like you if food is bland, I will not eat it. The one thing I like about being on Weight Watchers is trying new food and the like a lot of different seasonings.

  • Shane G.

    I love that building. However, this is funny, I took a class called Humanities through the Arts and had I never taken it, that would have been the end of that sentence. Buuuut since I did, the one thing I learned and after some research have learned, our buildings we consider beautiful in the good ol’ USA are just eh compared to European countries! I am a fan of Italian architecture and to a degree some Spanish stuff, the old Gothic churches etc. Those are gorgeous! It turns out as Americans, we are kinda Spartan when it comes to building design.

  • Woodworking project plans

    Love Kosy rice shack puddings.