A year ago…Old photos & how people treat you

by Christine on September 8th, 2010

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A year ago (next weekend) I went to Atlantic City for the first (and only) time. I remember that trip very well! We had a really great time!  According to my journal I was 189 pounds and feeling FANTASTIC! I laugh when I read that now! I’ve lost about 55 pounds in the last year. That doesn’t sound like a lot, especially when I read so many blogs of people that have-or will have- lost 200+ pounds, but it feels like a lot to me.  Some photos of that weekend:

(screeching at my husband…”ONLY PHOTOS OF THE WAIST UP!!”)

Hmmm. When I look back on the old photos, I have to say…the glasses make a big difference. I’m very glad I got the laser eye surgery. I wonder why I didn’t consider it before?

I’ve noticed recently that people treat me differently now than they did when I was larger. Part of the problem, I think, is that I am quite invisible. It’s my super-power, my ability to blend in with the wall. This was magnified tenfold when I was larger. People notice me now, and it’s unnerving to me. I’m used to being part of the landscape, so to speak.

For instance, on the way home from work yesterday I stopped by the corner store to pick up some milk for hubby.  A guy went out of his way to hold open the door for me, which was very kind of him. I got my milk and stood in at the end of the line…there were about 8 men in line before me. They opened another cash register and said, “I can take the next person over here.”  Fair is fair…the person standing #2 in line should get the first shot at that register; after all, he had been waiting the longest! But every man in the line waved me ahead, saying, “No, you go ahead.” Again, it was very nice of them…all of them.

(Guys…chivalry is NOT dead. We women DO love and appreciate all the small gestures. Thank you for them, too.)

This would not have happened 90 pounds ago. For that matter, it wouldn’t have happened to that 189 pound girl you see in the photos above. Being thinner…I get noticed more. And it’s not just by men, either. Women tend to go out of their way as well — to strike up a conversation, to smile at me, to hold a door open, etc.

I don’t know why my weight would make people want to be kinder to me, but it seems like that’s the case, and it’s very strange.

Yesterday’s eating was fairly boring…the same old same old. I perhaps had more peanut butter than I should have in the afternoon. I should have put the jar away when I was done with it instead of letting it sit on my desk at work.In the evening my grill went kaput, so we ended up broiling a steak to share. It turned out delicious, better than any restaurant-bought steak than I’ve had in a long time.

8 a.m. water, 1 apple (95 calories)
10 a.m.: crackers (60) and peanut butter (90)
Noon: Soup (150)
2 p.m.: peanut butter (120) (plain, no  crackers), diet pepsi
5 p.m.: Homemade “salsa” (30) on 2 slices of toasted ww bread, crusts cut off (75), water
7 p.m.: about 1.5 oz broiled sirloin (80) and some brown rice (100)
8 p.m.: half a beer (114)
Total calories: 914

I did a piss-poor job of eating…too many carbs, not enough veggies. I shall remedy that today.

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  • Dr. Fatty

    I think a lot of it is the happy and friendly vibe you give off now. How you feel inside really does tend to find it’s way to the outside.

  • Lesia

    my mom got eye surgery too. smile.

  • islandbandit

    I had lasek about 5 years ago. best thing i ever did! i know what you mean about being invisible and then losing that superpower as you lose weight. can be a bit unnerving, but sounds like you’re handling it all well. i do wonder why people ignore fat people….. especially when there are so many of us (that’s the royal us since you’re DEFINITELY no longer fat) :)

  • Shane G.

    Christine, I agree on the chivalry comment. I practice it every day. The bad thing is most of the time, women don’t acknowledge that you have somehow given them a courteous gesture. I always, regardless of whether I find the woman attractive or not, hold the door for a lady or give up a seat for a lady or any thing I think will make their lives a little easier. I would say likely 1/2 to 2/3 of the time, no thank you or even a nice smile is handed out. It is frustrating but I refuse to stop.

    I think Doc may be on to something in saying that it may be that you are more out there socially now. Your attitude means everything. Even at my heaviest, I was always fun loving and out going and people just naturally like me, which by the way isn’t always a good thing, like on grumpy days. But yeah, just revel in it and continue to appreciate it. I say life is about being in the moment.