I’ve Got Less Junk in My Trunk

by Christine on September 7th, 2010

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Did you guys see it in that group photo I posted yesterday, at the race track?

Not only was I not squished in the grandstand seats…but I actually had ample room to twist, turn, and get comfy in the seat. I had plenty of seat this time! Last year at the track I was squished into the grandstand seats, like a sardine.

Yesterday, a woman came and sat down next to me in those stands. She was a large woman, and she was trying very hard not to take up lots of room, but she couldn’t help but to spill over a little into my seat. It was not a big problem — I had enough room to spare — but I felt bad for her nonetheless. I’ve been there, and I know how uncomfortable that can be.  My pity only goes so far for her though — while I was sitting there she had two sausages on buns, a basket of nachos and cheese, and a large soda.

I was looking at the schedule for this week, and lo and behold, I’ve actually got nothing going on this week! Miraculous! Plus, this weekend is currently unplanned as well. I can’t wait! I can finally catch up on some much-needed gym time and housework. I’ve been sitting here this morning trying to think of all the things I would like to get caught up on this week. I have some paperwork to sort through and a ton of autographs to scan in. I’d like to cook at least two healthy dinners, play a board game with my hubby, and finish this book that’s been monopolizing my time.  The basement (“the man cave”) is a disaster, and with hubby’s okay I’d like to get in there to organize, clean, and throw a bunch of stuff of mine out that I know I will never use.  He doesn’t need my junk cluttering up the man cave! If I have enough time, I’d like to pull out some fall decorations and decorate a bit upstairs with some fall foliage. Maybe I’ll even do an art project with some dried maple leaves I pressed last year!  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

For my workout this week, I think I will take a page from Patrick and Shane’s playbook and get some exercise in outdoors because the weather is supposed to be ideal! There’s a small elementary school near my house that I want to use. There’s a basketball hoop, a volleyball net, a general playground, and a HUGE parking lot. I’m thinking of doing some bootcamp drills (squats/lunges, suicides, crab/bear crawls, rump rope) with something fun thrown in for good measure.   Does anyone have any suggestions for having silly cardiovascular fun outdoors, in a big old parking lot? Like…hopscotch or anything like that?

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  • Amandakiska

    I love fitting into seats. It is such an AMAZING feeling!

  • Angela

    That was the first thing that i noticed in your previous post! I thought, dang she could fit two of her in that seat! Can’t wait till it’s my turn.

  • Patrick

    Not being squished in the stadium seat = NSV. For so many years I have looked forward to going to games/track and at the same time not looked forward to it because of the small seats. Same with airplanes. Happy to hear you have moved on from having to deal with that problem.

    Oh yeah, now you are talking; bootcamp drills! great idea, I may steal that; well I will. Um, Rump Ropes… what may I ask is a rump rope and would it be inappropriate to ask you to demonstrate?

    Whew you have zip to planned but sure sounds like allot of stuff on your to-do list someday list that you wont be idle anytime soon. Have fun and win that boad game 😉

    • http://www.phoenixrevolution.net Christine

      Yikes! Did I write “rump rope?” Oh dear, that DOES sound naughty!

  • Freckle on the Nose

    Hooray for free and clear schedules!

    P.S. Yes, you should definitely watch Dexter! As I mentioned to someone else, the first few episodes are a little creepy, but then he becomes a truly likable guy!

    • http://www.phoenixrevolution.net Christine

      Thanks Freckle! I’ll definitely have to check it out! :-)

  • http://www.mizfitonline.com MizFit08

    gotta lovelove the free and clear weeks.

    Ive heard of those :)

    have a great one.
    Im off to wrangle mine and come out the victor.

  • Shane G.

    You sound like a whirling dervish with all those plans!!! I am the same way now though. I got rid of that sit around Shane guy and now I get stuff done. It is funny that I don’t procrastinate any more.

    You will laugh at me but I just played on the playground the other day with Hannah and it was quite the challenge to do all than climbing, bending over, swinging, sliding and all the other stuff we did. you may just use the playground equipment as an obstacle course and do a few circuits around it. Just a thought. OH and thanks for those links yesterday! unfortunately one was for big groups only and the other was corporate only, but neat to know that we have those around.