Titilating Tuesday!

by Christine on August 31st, 2010

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Okay just ignore the title there. I wanted something alliterative, and this is all I could come up with.

Still sick. Getting better, definitely not going to die from this little cold. I went to bed around 8 p.m. last night. The sleep felt fantastic. I probably could use a little extra sleep now and then.

Yesterday I finally called my surgeon’s office and made an appointment with him. First of all, I want to get my port looked at.  I told my hubby that he has to come with me. What will happen is Dr. P will say, “Ah, Christine, that port is fine. Looks normal,” to which I’ll be a pussy and say, “Oh. Okay. It doesn’t seem ok to me, but whatever you say Dr. P, you’re the expert.”  Instead, hubby will be there to say, “Expert or not, this shit is NOT NORMAL and you WILL FIX IT. She does NOT want to go through life with this alien port getting in the way all the F-ing time. It’s broken. Fix it.”  See, I can’t seem to utter those words myself, so I need to bring in the reinforcements.

I’ve given it some thought, and I think I want a small fill as well. I’ve been eating more than I normally would, and things like bread are going down just fine, and they shouldn’t be. (DO NOT ask why I even KNOW that bread is going down. Why am I eating bread at all? Why go there??)  Anyway, a little tweak, and I should be fine. The weight loss should continue. It’ll be a challenge to convince Dr. P to trust me on this one when I know he’ll see my weight loss since my last doctor’s visit and claim that I’m doing just fine where I’m at.  I guess I’ll jump that hurdle when I get to it. My appointment isn’t for another three weeks anyway.

Hubby has never sat through a “fill” appointment before. I am secretly eager to see the look on his face when the doc pulls out the Mega Needle and jabs me with it. Ha.

Oh, the grand adventures in lap-band-land.

Yesterday’s intake:

8 a.m.: 3/4 cup cereal (100) plus skim milk (25), Dayquil (100)
10 a.m.: Almonds (45)
Noon: Homemade gazpacho soup (100 at most)
1 p.m.: Almonds (45)
3 p.m.: Crackers (60) and peanut butter (120)
7 p.m.:  Tyson chicken patty (180)  plus less than one slice bread (40), diet pepsi, Nyquil (100)

Total Cals: 915

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  • Lesia

    Wow I had no idea what a port was. I went to your older link and read and saw the pictures. I sure hope the dr can help you. Take your man for sure. Let him be the meanie…LOL

  • Dr. Fatty

    All right now. Here are some words of love from that doc in me that just won’t stop.
    1) Make sure you are taking a vitamin. Might help you’re immune system.
    2) Do you really NEED that fill or do you WANT it? Remember that you won’t always have that band to keep you from eating bread. You have to stop you from eating bread.
    3) You are doing soooo well! Keep working out. Focus on that part of your weight loss that is going to be the real key to maintenance.
    4)Don’t be afraid to point out something to your doctor. We get busy. We’re human. No news is good news sometimes. If you’re worried about how the port looks or is working, let him know. A good surgeon will listen and understand.

    Feel better soon!!

  • Allanmklein

    My only banded friend… Get well… Your husband does not go with you every time ? Whoa….

  • Bonnie

    Always good to bring reinforcements when needed. Smart. Hope the appointment goes well.

  • Freckle on the Nose

    I hope you feel better! I’ve got a sore throat and have sneezed approximately 10,000 times today. Gah! Summer colds suck.

    Good luck at your appointment too!