Dirty Heads Concert & Meeting the Prophet of Washington Park

by Christine on August 27th, 2010

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TGIF Revolutionists!

What a busy day I had yesterday! Here’s a sampling of what went down!

Finding food

After work, I had plans to grab dinner with my friend Peter, then go to the Dirty Heads concert with him. We have similar tastes in music, and he loves concerts (my hubby does not), so Pete and I try to see as much live music as possible.  When I arrived at his house, our first question was: what do we want to eat tonight?

I didn’t want to go out to dinner; I wanted to have a picnic because the weather was so nice.  I didn’t want to go to the grocery store to pick up food, either. Wasn’t there some kind of local deli in the area that might have hot food and salad fixings?  After a little searching we found a little Italian deli called Cardona’s on Western Ave. It was newly renovated (by my architect friend, too! Lacey Covertino Architects) so it was a good excuse to check it out. What a delightful little store! There must have been easily 30 varieties of olives soaking in baskets, and another 40 or more varieties of Italian cheeses. There was a gentleman there offering samples of his middle-eastern fare (falafel, hummus, tabouleh) so we sampled some yummies and had some samples of cheese. It was so much fun exploring the store, and everyone was very nice there. We’ll definitely be back!

Picnic in the Park

We took our bag of food, plus a cooler of beer, to Washington Park in Albany.  Now Albany, NY is a very curious place architecturally. The downtown area is a strange mashup of concrete nastiness and some awe-inspiring gothic architecture. Near the state offices (Albany is the capital of New York, after all) is Washington Park. It is purported to have been designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who was the landscape architect that designed Central Park in NYC. Indeed, the park has the same Central Park feel to it, although it’s much smaller. It has “neighborhoods” and sections within the park. There are lots of shady trees and lots of areas to relax on the lawn. There’s a playhouse and bandshell, a pond, sculptures, fountains, beautiful sculptured gardens, playgrounds, and so much more! It’s surrounded by beautiful brownstone buildings, so even walking along the periphery of the park is a joy. Here is one nearby building, a firehouse designed by famous architect HH Richardson. (In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I find architecture really interesting and joyful!)

We busted out our food and chowed down. We had chicken marsala (white wine sauce with mushrooms); tomatoes and mozzarella with tomatoes in pesto sauce; some pasta fazioli soup; Blue Moon beer. It was all very yummy! Here’s how much I ate (nope, I don’t eat much):

Meeting the Prophet of Washington Park

While we were relaxing in the park, this older gentleman kept waving to Peter, and eventually hollered over to us, “I really just want to talk to you for a second. Can I intrude and stop by?”  Amused, we said, “Sure, why not?”

He comes over to us, and starts with the story, “I’m an old man, and I’m having surgery next week,” and immediately I think, “oh dear. He’s going to ruin our picnic by asking us for money.” How cynical of me, right? I hate to remind myself sometimes that not everyone is a criminal or panhandler or whatever. People are, after all, people. They deserve respect and love and kindness, regardless of their walk of life, gender, skin color, sexual preference, whatever, right? Mental check.

I’m glad that we took the opportunity to welcome him over. He starts telling us his mini-life story, how he grew up in NYC and worked for a valet parking garage for 35 years, and oh, he didn’t want for anything while he worked there, hallelujah! He told us about his wife and kids. He told us how life goes by so quickly, and to just enjoy the moments because they just go by so quickly. He told us how important it is to love one another, treat everybody with the same respect that you’d treat your own family.  My favorite story, he told us how he was picked on when he was a kid; all the neighborhood boys would tease him, call him names, beat him up. “Oh, I thank god every day that I was teased,” he said, “because I grew up spending so much time with my elders. My parents. My grandparents. I would have missed out on all that if I weren’t teased. Oh lordy, I miss you SO MUCH grandma,” he said, crying right there. (Yes, I believe it’s that kind of perspective that Sean was talking about in his blog yesterday.) “All those bad experiences, and isn’t life just full of them? They just make you stronger and stronger,” he said. “Me, I’m going to live to 500, I’m so strong!”

Oh, this guy kept talking and talking. And some of it was just rambling. I think the man was lonely and needed someone to talk to. But a lot of what he said really was quite profound. Afterwards Pete and I laughed that we met the Prophet of Washington Park. Indeed, I think we did. I’m glad we took a few minutes to listen. My only regret is that I didn’t turn my video on to record it for later. (I thought of it, but thought it would be rude.)

Dirtyheads Concert

After the sun went down, we picked up our mess up and drove to Northern Lights to see the Dirtyheads play. Oh, what a tremendous concert! We had SO MUCH FUN! We danced a little bit, waved our hands in the air, jumped around, and drank more beer. Their music is so much like Sublime (in fact, they are touring with the reincarnated Sublime band) but with their own sound. It was a great time! If you like the Dirtyheads, I can definitely recommend that you check out a show next time they are in your town.

Here’s a video if you want to hear their music:

Stand Tall

Sports Bra

The other day, Dr. F recommended a sports bra. Her recommendation came from yet another blogger that recommended the same one.  The claim: The bra doesn’t pull on over the head: it hooks like a real bra in the back. Also, it doesn’t squish you down and give you the uni-boob. It gives you two real breasticles. BUT they don’t move. And the sports bra has an underwire.

That doesn’t sound like a sports bra at all! I was definitely curious. Now, here’s where I’m coming from. I’m a TWO SPORTS BRA kind of girl. When I jog, I don’t want my shit flying all over the place and wacking me in the chin.  I also prefer not to disturb the poor people jogging next to me. I strap my ta-tas down with two sports bras to ensure maximal control.  Now, having lost 88 pounds…I’ve lost a lot of boobage. I’m not entirely sure what my biggest boob size was because I never really got measured for a proper bra, but I suspect I was something like a 42 DD.  These days I’m a 34C. So I really don’t NEED to strap them down so much, but I do, mainly out of habit.  (Okay, my brain hasn’t wrapped itself around my weight loss quite yet.)

The bra is a Moving Comfort by Maia. And it works. Check it out. It’s a little expensive at $46, but so far I declare it worth it. I wore it last night to the concert, and I danced around a bit…and no moving. Two separate boobs; NO MOVEAGE. Astonishing.

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  • Allanmklein

    Breasticles, sugar free, how many calories… So happy that the puppy left your head and relaxed itself.. Pasta Fagioli, (Pasta and Beans) is a soup we have around here. Pasta Fazioli, not so much. I did notice that you spell beer very well. Peter again,,, hmm, then bra talk… Loving the New Christine !!!

  • Lesia

    thumbs up.

  • Dr. Fatty

    Oh yes. I love love love my new bra. I’m ordering some more. I wore it to my first TKD class and all that jumping and kicking, boobs still in the right vicinity. Nice!

    Don’t you love it when you open yourself up to talking to people you don’t know. You never know what you’ll discover. Good for you and your friend showing that man that kindness. Pay it forward…

  • Bonnie

    Sounds like a great day!

  • Patrick

    That prophet in the park he just wanted to chit chat? Interesting. Living in the Chicago and making it downtown to several events a year run ins with panhandlers is part of the experience. I’ve grown to understand them, but quickly dismiss them as I do not give to them. We do give to charity, but strictly through organizations we have vetted and trust. That sounds so rigid huh. Anyhow, slowly getting around here to that some of them panhandlers are great story tellers and when I encounter one I let my guard down and allow him/her (usually a him) to entertain us a bit with their story. Inevitably there is always a picth for a hand out whether it be 30 seconds later or 3 minutes. Your run in with someone just looking for company amongst strangers and sharing on such an emotional level is unique to say the least.

    TDH, not familiar, listening to them from their website now as I type here. Not bad, heavy on the acoustic guitar which is outside of the norm, thus a nice change. When you go to their website you are instantly a fan; how can you not be when you are greeted by a naked girl on a surf board?

    The sports bra review, yeah, I got nothing on that. Whatever it takes to stop the chin whacking.

    Have a good weekend :-)

  • Shane G.

    okay I read the whole thing but got stuck on the breast, boobs, breasticles part. Oh and there was some guy in a park too. So about the breasts……..

    I am playing. I think it is very awesome that you ran into someone that just wanted to share some wisdom. We don’t have alot of pan handlers here but we get the constant guy on the corner with a sign written in magic marker that says will work for food. I stopped once and offered the guy to mow my very small lawn I had at the time and I would give him twenty bucks. Shockingly, he declined. So now when I see those people, I always want to stop, go stand by them with a sign that says, ” I bet he won’t either!!”