Etiquette Question: Eating in Public with the Band

by Christine on August 24th, 2010

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I have a job interview tomorrow. The interview will be at a restaurant; it is a little more informal, which is all good with me.

My question is, it it better to tell them up front about my surgery in case I need to leave the table, or do I leave it to chance? I could tell them right when we sit down:  “I apologize if I need to run off to the bathroom in the middle of a conversation. I had the lap-band surgery and sometimes food gets “stuck” and there’s nowhere for it to go. So please don’t think I’m being rude!”

Looking at the menu available online, I can get a bowl of the “soup of the day” for lunch.  This is almost always a “safe” food. They also have an Ahi Tuna Salad, which sounds delicious. Salad is USUALLY safe with me, but if I’m distracted by talking, I do risk the chance of the food getting stuck.

I don’t want to call attention to the surgery, but I also don’t want to have to dash from the table and be seen as rude. Do I risk it or not?


On a somewhat related note, I am having a really awful day at work today. In fact, I nearly quit on the spot.  I feel like I’d be happier working part-time at the local gym or bookstore than here, but I am not sure that my husband is on board with losing half of our household salary.

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  • Big Clyde

    I would avoid the surgery topic entirely. Just let them know that you “aren’t feeling great this morning and hope that your not getting sick”. They won’t ask much. Then, get up when you need to.

    Sorry to hear that your day is going badly.

  • Allanmklein

    Didn’t read this post, just finished your comment to Mike. I am beaming with pride that I know you, respect you, and are happy to read and share your journey.. Thanks for being great !!! Rock the Job Interview……Tell them of your journey, your resolve, and your ability to follow through !

  • Lesia

    WOW that’s a tough one. IDK. smile.

  • islandbandit

    I agree with Clyde. You don’t want to be judged because of it and there’s always that risk if you tell them. Just go with the soup…. tell them you’re not feeling too hot so that’s all you want to chance having…. if still hungry, get something after the interview.
    Sucks about your sucky day at work. Even more incentive to rock the hell out of tomorrow’s interview!

  • Karen @ Not Just Celery

    Good luck with your interview! Honestly I wouldn’t say anything. A polite excuse me if you have to get up should do!

  • Dr. Fatty

    I don’t think I’d tell them unless you have an issue. As an employer whenever someone is talking about health issues right away it makes you wonder if they are always sick, even though this is obviously not an illness. I would eat a safe food and relax! You know being stressed just makes it worse. Be yourself! They’ll see what a great person you are. It sucks when you aren’t happy in your job. I’m sure something is coming soon that will be way better, whether it’s this job or others.

  • Southerngirlsjourney

    I would definately not bring up the surgery, potential employers might see that as a “liability” even though they are not supposed to discriminate…just have the soup and take your time eating. They won’t expect you to eat tons anyway, you will hav eto be talking about yourself!

  • Patrick

    I would not mention it. It is personal information they do not need to know honestly. If you have an issue, hopefully you can excuse yourself without having to jump and run. Sounds like you have food choices which will minimize that risk.

    Hang in there on the present job, sorry to hear you had a bad day. Hopefully this Govt jon will come through but don’t count your chickens before the are grilled & sauced properly :-)

  • Bonnie

    I wouldn’t mention it. You’ll be talking so much that the interviewer will think it’s normal that you’re not eating a lot.
    good luck!

  • Dinnerland

    Hi Christine: I would just leave off of commenting about the band surgery. It is kind of interesting to me that you would worry about that prior to lunch– do you run into that many issues each meal??? I hope not.
    I think soups sounds like a great idea, I guess I do that myself when eating with someone and I want to be totally sure I won’t run into issues.
    Thanks for the great support on my blog. :-)

  • Christine

    Thanks Dinnerland. I took your advice and did not mention the band or surgery during the interview. :-)