Tuesday and feeling frantic

by Christine on August 24th, 2010

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Happy Tuesday Revolutionists!

Yesterday started off well-planned, very nice. Then I got clobbered with two projects that need to get done ASAP. This is a good thing! I’m normally bored to tears at work — it’s exciting to have something real to work on! I’ll need to get both projects done by this afternoon.

Tomorrow is my interview with the government job. We’re apparently meeting over lunch.  Wish me luck! I worry that it’s not a job that interests me and I also worry about a stuffy and rigid office environment.

Yesterday I went to the gym after work. I asked Hubby to give me a good arm workout at the gym, mostly because I’m timid with the meatheads around me and wanted hubby to chaperone me. We focused on shoulders and the back, and it was a great workout! I then did 2 miles on the treadmill. I knew ahead of time that I didn’t want to do a full 5k, but I wanted to push my limits. Normally I jog at 5.5 mph. (When I first started jogging, I started at 4.9 mph).  Well, I did a full mile at 6.0 mph! I thought I was going to stop three times, but I pushed through it. It was a difficult mental challenge for me, but I persevered! I walked the other mile (half before jogging, half after jogging).

I tried to get creative for dinner yesterday. I sauted up some onions and green peppers and some leftover ham. I then threw in some diced cheddar cheese, that got all melty. I added some brown mustard for a sauce, and served over cous-cous.  All the ingredients sounded like they went together, but it was vile!! I had to throw it all out. Instead I had two slices of cheese, a handful of almonds, and half a beer for dinner.

I always need to measure my cereal when I eat it in the morning. I don’t know why, but I’m great at estimating portion sizes except for cereal. I always pour more than I think I want to have. Consequently I always, always measure my cereal. Today I had a half a cup of Honey Bunches of Oats.

I get my hair done today! I can’t decide what to do. I want to keep the length because I like pulling it back into a pony tail. Should I try going blonder? Or go back to some red highlights? I’d love to do some kind of funky colored stripe in my hair — I’ve never done that!! — but now is not the time to do funky, not with a government job interview tomorrow. (It’s bad enough that I’ve got a nose ring!) What do you think I should do? Hopefully someday soon!

Weight is 137.0 this morning, and today Aunt Flo came a-calling.


HOLY CRAP!!! Today I am wearing new blue jeans (the size 6, not the size 4) and as I was walking down the hallway I realized that I was walking quietly. I took a few more steps then realized…there’s no “swish swish swish” sound when I’m walking. What the heck? There’s ALWAYS a swishswishswish sound! I look down, between my legs, and lo and behold, I HAVE THIGH GAP!  A gap between my thighs! No swishing/chaffing going on at all!

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  • Allanmklein

    Send the blonde to my house please

  • islandbandit

    Thigh gap!?!??! That has to be THE BEST NSV EVER!!!!!

    On the interview – all the best and hope it’s what you want and that you get it.

    On the hair – if you have a good hairdresser who you trust, i say you make the call to go lighter or darker and then let her make the call on the best shade for your skin tone :) I’m good friends with my really good hairdresser and i usually just plonk myself down in her chair and tell her to do whatever the heck she wants! lol

  • Lesia

    I have pink and purple in my hair and have had it for years. Granted I don’t work so not sure how it would fit in the workplace. I am so excited for you and I hope you get the job if that’s what you want. My thighs are gone too. love it!

  • Big Clyde

    Cereal is my arch-rival…it wants to destroy me from within. When I eat it, I eat too much. I’ll really start measuring. Good tip.


    Christine, I’m not sure how private your blog is. You might want to edit this post and pull out the part about calling in “sick”, especially if your prospective employer might read it. Just my two cents!

  • http://www.phoenixrevolution.net Christine

    Thanks Amanda. I did edit that out!

  • Dr. Fatty

    Good luck on the job interview!

  • Roadkill315

    Wishing you luck on the government job! Treat it like that treadmill and own it.

    I have not come to terms with cous-cous. Trued it a few times, just does not feel right in the mouth. When in doubt, a bottle of beer works. Wait, a half bottle of beer… what did you do with the other half? Please tell me someone else enjoyed it.

    Three cheers for your swish swish swish!