Monday Morning – Check!

by Christine on August 23rd, 2010

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Woke up on time. Check!

Took shower. Brushed teeth. Check!

Ate 1/2 a cup of Honey Bunches of Oats. Took 2 gummy vitamin! (Seriously yummy.) Check!

Went downstairs and folded laundry/put a load of laundry in. Check!

Packed my bag for work. 8 cans of soup for work lunches. 1/2 a clementine. A small handful of almonds.  I’m prepared for a healthy eating day at work! Check!

Sent email to hubby telling him that he must give me a proper arms workout at the gym after work tonight. Check!

Put my check for my AAA membership renewal in the mail. Check!

Went to the corner store. Said hello to the old men there. They actually look out for me and wave and holler at me when I come in. I LOVE IT! They make my mornings complete. Bought a small can of Red Bull and some 1% chocolate milk. Check!

Sang at the top of my lungs in the car and did some automobile-dancing on the way to work. Check!

All prepared for a good day at work and a happy and successful week. Check!

Below: Friday night, at the geeky game night! A friend took this picture, and it took me a second to realize that it was me sitting on the floor. I rarely see other peoples’ pictures of me, much less full-body shots. Is that really me? (For any board game geeks out there, we were playing Settlers of Catan. I love that game! I lost this game, but I cleaned house in our games of Dominion.)

Below: Tubs of my clothes! I gave away five tubs of clothes (sizes 16-24) earlier this summer, some to “The Sisterhood” and the rest to my mother and her friends. These are the six remaining boxes of clothes, sizes 10-14.  Losing weight and replenishing your wardrobe at each size is so expensive! I think people who are embarking on weight loss surgery often forget to factor in the cost of new clothing.

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  • Karen @ Not Just Celery

    Gummy vitamins are the best! I just went through my clothes over the weekend and got rid of 2 bags of stuff I don’t wear anymore. Now all my stuff fits in my dresser & one closet again! (oh tiny Manhattan apartments!)

  • Karenogle133

    I admire you organization! You are well-prepared and I hope you have a great work week. I need to follow your example and set up a solid routine for myself.

  • Allanmklein

    I said to liven things up, and I got leg porn. I said to jazz it up and we got Saratoga porn. Finally, I said, you are close, and then I got belly porn… Nice…. Great stuff.. By the way, I always thought that I would be an awesome belly dancer, as I have the equpiment x 5…

  • Lesia

    I love thrift stores. I spend hours going through their things and I have killer clothes in my closet. It’s the only way for me to afford all the down sizing.

  • Traci

    We love playing Settlers!! Awesome game. I know what yuo mean about losing weight and having to constantly buy clothes. It’s insane. I’m so lucky int hat department because my cousin has been losing weight at the same time. So she gave me her old clothes (that I am slowly fitting into).

  • Big Clyde

    chocolate milk and Red Bull…tell me you don’t blend those and drink it down as a cocktail!

  • Patrick

    So what happened to the other 1/2 of that clementine?
    Hmm, “give me a proper arms workout at the gym”, thats not some marital code talk is it? Just in case someone is snooping in the work email system…

    I believe when I first started following your blog you were talking about those old men in the store; something along the lines they never talked to you but eventually one of them, or the clerk, commented on your weight loss… who knows, my memory may have that completely mixed up with someone else.

    Total NSV you have there – sitting on the floor and being comfortable. I am not close to that, but someday. That would require me to also have a reason to sit on the floor. Well, someday, hopefully at least a decade, their will be grand kids. I’ll be ready for that.

  • Freckle on the Nose

    Love your morning routine! Do you brush your teeth in the shower? Sometimes I do.

  • Shane G.

    Still my hero Christine! I need to have your get up and go dang it. Bottle some up and send it over.